Our apartments are located in the centre of Szentendre, where you can walk through the cobbled streets, the forum and the beautiful Dunakorzó. Countless sights, restaurants, cafés and museums are just a couple minutes away.


    One of the buildings of the museum is really close to our hotel, and easily accessible on foot.

    The Ferenczy family settled in Szentendre in the middle of the 19th century, and with that the city's interweaving with art and culture began. Several members of the Ferenczy family were excellent artists, and the museum was founded in their honour in 1951. Later, a lot of new and smaller exhibitions joined, thus creating the Ferenczy Museum Center, which now operates most of the city's fine arts exhibitions.

    The Ferenczy Museum preserves the local historical memories of the city and hosts 20th-century, modern and contemporary exhibitions. The museum and the centre await visitors with constantly changing temporary and permanent exhibitions.

    Currently there is 10 museum in the centre:

    • Ferenczy Museum
    • Roman stone museum
    • Barcsay Museum
    • Kmetty Museum
    • Szentendre Gallery
    • Kovács Margit Ceramic Museum
    • Czóbel Museum
    • Vajda Museum
    • Ámos Imre - Anna Margit Memorial Museum
    • Art Mill


    The Danube is a few steps away from our hotel, and of course the Danube korzó too. Relax on the banks of the Danube, if you get tired, there are comfortable benches all year round, free sunbeds in the summer. If you find the sunbed labelled DUNAKAVICS XIII and send us a photo of yourself sitting in it, we will give you a surprise!

    There are boat trips to the surrounding towns

    If you take a walk in the direction of Leányfalu, you will reach the Pásztor Rév on the Danube, where you can easily reach Szentendre island with a 5-minute boat ride!

    Every year in October, the PIROS LÁBOS FESTIVAL is held on Szigetmonostor (Szentendre island, the closest village accessible by Rév, too)! Don't miss it, it's a really great and fun experience!



    Walking along Bogdányi út towards the city center, you can reach the main square. The lanterns indicate from afar that they are on the good way.

    In summer, spring and autumn, they are colourful, and in winter they change the lanterns to white. Here you can find the Plague Cross (Kalmárkereszt), which was erected by Serbian merchants as a sign of their gratitude that Szentendre was spared the plague. If we are talking about crosses, you can find more in Szentendre: the Cross of the Vineyard Farmers, the Cross of Czar Lázár, the Cross of the Tobacconists, all of which can be easily reached on foot from our hotel.

    Returning to the main square, its a triangular square where the 3 most important commercial roads used to meet. It's almost unbelievable that today's pedestrian street used to be full of cars! Countless cafes, restaurants, and ice cream parlours help you to sit down and watch the hustle and bustle of the street. If you continue your journey straight, you will arrive at Dumtsa Jenő Street. This pedestrian street hosts countless craft fairs.



    The Christmas Museum and Shop in Hubay Ház is one of the most interesting and charming attractions in Szentendre.

    The museum is open to the public all year round, and although it is definitely the most intimate when Christmas is approaching, it offers visitors a truly special experience even in the heat of the summer, almost inviting them on an enchanted journey. If you are a real Christmas fan, you must visit the Christmas Museum when visiting Szentendre. Upon entering the museum, visitors immediately fall into a fairytale scene just like you are entering Santa's house.



    In downtown Szentendre, close to the main square, you will find the Margit Kovács Ceramics Museum, which opened in 1973.

    Margit Kovács is a ceramic artist who won the Kossuth Prize, and who herself donated the entire collection to the museum. The versatile creations of the artist are timeless, and in addition to the ceramic collection, the exhibition also features letters and photos from the artist's legacy. The museum belongs to the Ferenczy Museum group, apart from the exhibition in Győr, most of the ceramics left to the museum by Margit Kovács can be found here.



    The old town of Szentendre is the area around the main square, which can be traced all the way back to the Middle Ages, and where mainly 18th-century Baroque and Rococo buildings have been preserved to a significant extent.

    The main square was formed mainly in the Middle Ages and in later times due to the trade routes running here.

    Fortunately, and thanks to the continuous reconstruction, the baroque gates, the narrow streets and the closely built houses have been preserved and still function today. We would like to note here that our hotel was also part of this renovation, serious work and excavation preceded the renovation works in order to restore the atmosphere of the nearly 300-year-old building. We hope our work was successful. The restorers who tamed the lions of the Chain Bridge, also worked at the entrance.

    During the summer, this old town hosts many cultural and artistic programs. An example of this is the Szentendre Night-Day Open Festival, when the courtyards are opened and every small street is filled with vendors, craftspeople and music and dance programs.



    If you are planning a longer tour, we recommend the Skanzen, which can be reached on foot, approx. 45 minutes walk from the hotel. Unfortunately the public transport in this direction isn’t the best.

    You can find information about the current programs here, but it is important that the open-air museum is closed on MONDAYS. If you have been to the Skanzen before, we would still recommend it, because the section presenting Transylvania opened this year (2022),and it is very spectacular, very modern, yet it feels like we have dropped into 19th-century Transylvania.

    More information on the official page



    Hiking trails and nature trails nearby.

    Bükkös - patak educational trail: The topics are presented thematically at ten stations. At the market square, for example, you can learn more about the relationship between the landscape and people, while at the mouth, the focus is on the relationship between the stream and the Danube. In addition, at other stations you can not only read about the flora and fauna, but also get to know folklore related to the stream and explore the geological features of the area.

    • Püspökmajor’s educational trail
    • Kőhegyi nature trail
    • Sztelin study trail
    • Szentendre branch
    • Szentkereszti branch (Pilisi Zöldút hiking trail)
    • Crash couser tour
    • Vasas tour

    More about further tours

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