New York apartman

New York apartman

The fifth Apartment, directly adjacent to Tokio, New York, also opens from the courtyard. Perhaps the biggest headache was being able to conjure it up for you.

It is suitable for 6 people. There is the iconic 20’s of the USA, while also being perfect as a background in Sex in the City. Everything shines, everything is gold, even the spoons. Seriously!

Based on our surveys, one of the most important things that stays with the guests is the smell! So, we put a lot of emphasis on this, especially with cleanliness, because there is nothing better than the smell of freshly washed bed linen (We would like to note here that the team at Blanche Tisztítószalon in Szentendre should be praised for the freshly washed smell) and the cleanliness of the apartment! But here, too, we made a twist- as far as we know - we are the only hotel in the country where every apartment has a different smell.

In NY, a warm scent of tobacco and amber welcomes you.


  • For 4 people: glasses, champagne glasses, brandy glasses, wine glasses, coffee cups, coffee mugs, cutlery, deep plates, flat plates, small plates, knives, serving spoons, muesli bowls, 2 cooking pots, cutting board, cheese grater, corkscrew, Nespresso coffee machine, kettle, 2-part hotplate, microwave oven, toaster, paper towel, dish sponge (new for all our guests), washing-up liquid, refrigerator
  • We would like to welcome our guests with the following products, which are included in the room price: coffee capsules, cream, sugar, sweetener, tea filter, Dunakavics, canned soft drinks, fruit juice, alcohol


  • A big black leather couch, which is can be pulled out, so it is perfect for 2 people
  • There is a huge TV to watch CNN
  • Wide window seat, where you can see the whole apartment.
  • A round glass table with 4 chairs, sideboard.
  • Pull-out sofa bed for our young guests.
  • The apartment has a cooling-heating air conditioning system.


  • 160*200 size bed, with giant pillow, satin bed linen.
  • With a gilded reading lamp and skyscrapers, wardrobe.


  • Opening from the bedroom is a bathroom with a jacuzzi tub, for which you only have to turn off the light and the tub shines in all kinds of colors while bathing.
  • We have prepared for you: toiletries, hair dryer, chair with towel holder.



You can park on the Danube side of the apartment hotel in the public parking lot on Dunakorzó (number 6) and Lázár Cár tér. You can park for a fee. The parking fee is HUF 530/hour, every day of the week from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The parking code is "2013" (06 20/30/70 7632013). Free public parking is available at Dézsma utca, Hold utca, about 10 minutes' walk from the apartment hotel.

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